About Us

“Simple Pleasures: The High Point Of My Day Is
That Moment When I Get Home To Be With My Dog”

My name is Mike Salvo. The house I grew up in had a sign next to the door that had the above quote painted on it. It hung there for years and eventually got put away after our family dog passed. A year ago, when we rescued our Border Collie/Lab mix Party (yes, that’s her name!), my mom passed the sign along to my wife Hilary and me to hang in our home.

Fluff’s Travels is inspired by that sign, Party the dog, and some very knowledgeable local Vermont friends and dog camp gurus. In the summer of 2018, for the fun of it and for the extra summer vacation money, Hilary and I created a Rover profile and started walking and dog sitting for people in our area. It wound up being an incredibly rewarding experience for us and our dog. We quickly built a great base of regular customers. After much thought, and after consulting our friend Sara at Green Mountain Canine Camp, I decided to leave the craft beer business where I had worked for five years, and pursue dog camp full time.


I recently completed Vermont Dog Pack owner Rhonda Bilodeau’s amazing My Dog Camp course and have really been enjoying building my packs. Current camp availability can be found here.

In addition to off leash camp, on certain days we also offer various day care options at our home in Hinesburg. It is clean & cozy with lots of room to play. Party loves having friends over, and is great at sharing her toys!

If you’re interested in knowing more or you have a question you can reach us here!

If you’d like to follow our adventures, or if you just like to see pictures of dogs having fun we’ve got a Facebook page here and an Instagram account here.

Thanks for checking out Fluff’s Travels, we hope to hear from you soon!