Dog Camp


Dog Camp is an off leash wilderness based walking service for friendly, well behaved dogs. Each dog is picked up at their home, transported with their four legged pals to private dog friendly land for a regimented mix of hiking, play, swimming, sniffin’ around, and obedient command based pack walking. Dogs with adventurous behaviors who love playing outside with other dogs thrive at camp. Camp days last 3-4 hours. Many dog owners prefer this to a typical day care scenario as it promotes a more “free-range” and exhausting day care option for their energetic & outdoor loving pup.


Because daily pack size is limited, not only are we able to give more personalized care to your dog, but they will also form stronger bonds with the others in their pack. Packs are assembled based on dog behaviors and energy level, with two introductory sessions to start out. During the first session I will take your dog out for a one on one hike so we can get acquainted and so I can see how your dog does with off leash recall. The second session will include an introduction to my silly, playful, loving dog & pack leader Party.

Once your dog has seen us for two preliminary sessions, and we feel comfortable that we can have them off leash, they will be grouped with others that have Also exhibited behaviors suitable for camp. During camp your dog will learn basic trail obedience & self control through pack walks, sit-stays, recalls, and calm play with people and other dogs. Additionally, dogs will learn self regulation skills in high distraction situations like leaving the house and getting in and out of the car.


$30/day (2 or more days per week)

3/4/19 update: Pickup currently available in Hinesburg, Williston, St. George, Shelburne, Charlotte, Burlington, & Richmond. Day of week dependent on location.

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